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Hello. I'm Chris.

I am a design technologist in Amsterdam, and I work across research, design, and development. Feel free to reach out to discuss a topic, collaborate, or for a coffee.


I'm from Chicago. I grew up in a vibrantly multicultural environment, bouncing between Chicago, San Francisco, and Taipei.

I studied architecture and human-computer interaction University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and had studied abroad at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. During university, I was involved with Design For America, an organization that advocates human-centered design for tackling social problems.

I was a designer at for one and a half years, where I worked on conversational interfaces and product expansion. Currently, I consult for various startups.

Design technologist?

A design technologist is also known as a full-stack designer. I have a strong technical and non-technical skillset centered on design but also reaching across research and development.

In collaborative environments, I work in a deeply-integrated manner with researchers and engineers. In more independent settings, I am capable of flexing between the three domains.

How can I help?


I offer freelance and consulting services to help you achieve your goals.

Social causes

I offer pro bono and flexible rate services for non-profits working on causes I support.

Grab a coffee

Are you in Amsterdam? I love meeting new people. Let's get a coffee and talk!

Let's create together.

Get in touch. +31 6 41499302 (EU) +1 630 687 0915 (US)